Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Stopp goes over the top and leaves Labour

Cllr Sam Stopp in Wembley Central
Anyone who follows Sam Stopp, Labour councillor for Wembley Central, on Twitter will be aware of his negative attitudes towards Jeremy Corbyn and Momentum.

He has now announced that he is leaving Labour and accompanied the announcement with a number of sub-Churchillian tweets. I will let his tweets speak for themselves apart from a concluding comment from the inimitable Pukkah Punjabi:

Today I left the Labour Party. Good to have my life back. Even better to be able to speak up for my country without a knife in my back. On we go.

Really touched by the kind responses I’ve had to this. It’s been an immensely painful couple of years for me and so many others but today the sun is shining I feel a weight has lifted. A new dawn has broken, has it not?

I left the Labour Party because I love my country. I love my country as my grandfathers loved my country, and as my sons will love it. There are some things in life worth giving all for. This United Kingdom is one of them.

Detente with the far left? Fat chance. You cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth.

Sadly John Duffy, who has been a brilliant representative of Kilburn Ward in Brent, has no chance of winning as an independent. Total Labour stronghold.

I am leaving Labour but I will remain a member of @JewishLabour . Encourage others who believe in the fight for justice to do the same.

I wrestled with leaving the Labour Party for two years. In the end it came down to a choice between party and country. Labour was once a great party, but this is the greatest nation on earth.

The Labour Party has betrayed its historic cause. It no longer represents the labour interest. It represents anti-British interests and therefore it is no friend of this United Kingdom.

It breaks my heart to leave Labour, but it would break my heart so much more to betray this country and all that it stands for. There is a choice: country or party. Make yours. Goodnight.
April 14th Don’t know if you’re aware, but there is currently a fight to save Western civilisation both from itself and from hostile forces. Fancy joining?

April 13th We used to have a thing in this country called 'Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition.' 'Loyal' is the word that seems to have dropped out of that description. Not only disloyal to the Queen, but disloyal to the nation at a moment of greatly heightened international tension.

On one side we have Britain's true believers and Britain's Jews. On the other side we have the Britain-hating far left. That's the choice today, and it's up to you to say where you stand.

April 11th Yeah, there is a conspiracy to undermine Jeremy Corbyn. It’s being pushed by people who love him, but who also love Moscow and hate Jews. They are their own worst enemies.
Pukkah Punjabi reacted: 
Lol. Sam Stopp, Labour right winger and current Labour cllr for Wembley (who hasn't lived in Brent for months) has left the Labour Party after failing to get selected as cllr in his new home of Basingstoke. Nothing like a fit of pique presented as principle.


Karl Greenall said...

I live two hundred mikes from London, but follow Wembley Matters with keen interest, because I spent my student and early professional years in London and have a great affection for the place!
Reading Cllr Stopp's comments, I can only assume that his intention is to join in with the vocal minority of Blairites in their attempts to undermine the Labour Party and, mainly, its leadership, now that unconditional support for the current status quo in Britain cannot be guaranteed. The fact that things do need to change terrifies them, hence the ranting above. Childish dogwhistling achieves nothing, but does garner contempt, which in Stopp's case is thoroughly deserved.

Anonymous said...

Well at least your honest in admitting that's all just your own conjecture. I actually live in Wembley, have met Stopp several times and have always found him to be helpful and hardworking. Sorry if that doesn't fit people's political agendas, but that's my experience and I'm grateful to Stopp for his help.

Anonymous said...

Unless you can explain what he was helpful with I think you are Stopp?
As his only contribution appears to be trying to reduce flytip by renaming it illegal recycling dumping. To see the flytip increase 147%.

Anonymous said...

I'm not Stopp. I'm sorry you find it so difficult to believe someone could possibly have a different opinion from you.

Martin Francis said...

Ok, let's put a stop to this now.