Saturday 1 July 2023

LETTER: Does Brent Council realise its councillors and CEO may be heading to prison for non-compliance?



Dear Editor,

After reading the agenda for the next council meeting it seems that no one is aware of this issue.

Brent Council has three months left to collect all the data to meet the requirements of The Building Safety Act by the 30th September 2023.

Failure to comply could see the council being fined, or officers and councillors being imprisoned for up to  2 years.

There are three issues that the council have to comply with:

1) Registering all their high-rises

2) Within 28 days of registration, applying for a safety certificate, including Resident Profiles.

3) Publishing a safety case,.including Resident Engagement Strategies.

FIRNTEC consultants have reported that it will take 2 months per building to collect all the data to prepare  a 'safety case' and a further month to draft a safety case.

So as Brent has around 40 buildings in scope (18metres or higher) they need to start collecting all the information to be compliant by the deadline.

FIRNTEC also say that after the safety case has been published, there needs to be 'an action plan' published for each building but they have not given any timeline for this issue.

Letter composed by a concerned Brent resident (details supplied)


Martin Francis said...

Comment received by email:

Camden Council started their 'gap analysis' well over a year ago, as they realised how much work was involved to collect all the information. Even if Brent managed to begin assembling all the information right away, it would still be 'touch & go' to meet the deadline.

This applies to all current high-rises but for 'new build' registration will not start until 1st Oct. 2023 and it is expected that will be much easier to do, as all the information is already in a digital format. Whereas most of the older info. is still on paper and takes more time.

I had another look at the timeline webinar which was punblished 11 days ago, where they warned that landlords could not use a template to collect the data from surveying just one building.

Remember at the Grenfell Inquiry we heard that their surveyor-Mr Stokes used 'cut & paste' as he believed no one would notiice if he just used one building and then copied the same details into all their high rises, as if he had surveyed all the Building in the K & C area.

My main interest is that the council will have to do a Resident profile and they will need to know who is disabled and if they need PEEPs.

I am 100% certain that the council do not hold this idata and they will have to contact every disabled resident face2face to gather all the accurate & up to date info. which will take a considerable amount of time & resources to assemble everything by the deadline.

Anonymous said...

I fear that Brent Council has become so focused on telling us how good they are, that theyve lost sight of how bad they are!!!

Anonymous said...

If Mo Butt ends up in prison, how many of his family are lined up to replace him as our “Dear Leader”???

Anonymous said...

Ssssshhhhhhuuuuusssshhhh...don't tell Brent. Let them all get locked up so that we don't have anymore labour councillors left. We desperately need a change

Anonymous said...

Hope the firsts going to jail will be the Cabinet Members.