Saturday, 3 July 2010

Church speaks out against English Defence League

John Root, vicar of St James's Church, Alperton has written the following letter to the Wembley Observer:

We, the people of St James's Church, Alperton are committed to strengthening the bonds of peace and understanding between Islam and our own faith, Christianity.

We were concerned to read your report 'Protest Planned at Muslim Rally', about the demonstration planned in Wembley on June 26th.

We believe that the aim  of the Engl;ish Defence League is to stir up anti-Islamic feeling and to pull Brent's different communities apart.  We oppose this.

Also, although members of our church come from many different nationalities, those of us who are English reject the right of the English Defence League to speak on our behalf.

We assure your Muslim readers of our continued prayers and support. We believe that God is dishonoured when the seeds of hatred are sown and we refuse to share in the English Defence League's agenda of hatred.

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