Wednesday, 4 August 2021

Brent Council responds to concerns over pedestrian safety at new North End Road,/Bridge Road junction in Wembley Park

Brent Council has responded to concerns that I expressed on behalf of residents over pedestrain safety at the new North End Road/Bridge Road junction opposite Wembley Park tube station.

I wrote:

There has been quite a lot of concern expressed on social media about the safety of the new junction at North End Road/Bridge Road and particularly the problems facing wheelchair users and parents with large buggies when crossing.  The tactile paving on the Olympic Way side is blocked and the several gaps between the blocks cause pedestrians to move in several directions and children sometimes separate from their parents. There are no lights or other controls. It is particularly difficult for those who are partially sighted or blind.

Could you clarify, so that I can pass the message on, whether the council or TfL will be adding any lights etc to the crossing/junction and whether the blocks are temporary or a permanent hostile vehicle prevention measure.

I attach a link to a video taken today (July 29th) around 3pm - not a busy time.


This is the Council's response received yesterday:

Thank you for your email and video link relating to safety concerns that have been raised about the new junction, particularly with access for wheelchair users and parents or carers with pushchairs and buggies.


The concrete barriers are temporary security measures and they will be replaced by bollards. Unfortunately, there was a delay in delivery from our supplier, but I am pleased to inform you that work has now been programmed for 23rd August. In the meantime, our contractor has moved the Give Way sign post from between the concrete barriers so that it no longer impedes pedestrian access.


As this is a new junction, we will of course be monitoring its performance and will consider whether any further improvements are necessary.


We are currently liaising with Transport for London on signalising the junction in the future, this will improve amenities for pedestrians.

 I have not yet had a reply from Brent Highways or TfL on whether buses will be able to use North End Road on event days as planned. It has a weight limit of 7.5tonnes.


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francis said...

Northend Road junction with bridge Road is very badly sighted you can’t see what’s going on as you are above the road. particularly turning left fron north end road i to bridge road also the construction seem to use it as a parking lot during the day, and the current arrangement of parking bays means it’s awkward when there’s a lot of traffic