Monday 4 December 2023

Annual Report on spending of Brent Infrastructure Levy reveals large amount unspent


The amount of development in Brent generates Community Infrastructure Levy most of which goes to Brent, some to the GLA. 

The Borough Infrastrutcure Levy (this year £26m rounded) is split into Strategic expenditure and Neighbourhood projects expenditure.

 The amount collected in 2023-23 is on top of the amounts carried forward from previous years. This year, unallocated prior to 2022-23 was £61.5m.

There are restrictions around precisely what Strategic CIL can be spent on.  These are allocations for 2022-23 (actual spending of allocations may be in later years) amounting to £17m.



£2m Neighbourhood CIL allocations were made in 2022-23 for 58 projects some which work across the borough though allocated to a particular NCIL neighbourhood. Note that the two Neighbourhood Forums that also have access to the NCIL made no successful bids this year:

Full details of the projects can be found in the statement embedded at the foot of this article. Note that not all projects allocated funding may actually come to fruition and unspent amounts are carried forward to next year.


These are agreements made between the Council and developers that enable a development to go ahead by mitigating their impact. £10M was allocated in 2022-23 of which a significant amount went towards 'affordable' housing (Brent's definition). Only 21 of 462 units were at social rent.


This is a much smaller pot and in 2022-23 £100,000 was distributed to 9 organisations working to reduce carbon emissions in Brent. It is well worth looking at these projects in detail in the full report below.


The full report is embedded below including details of Strategic CIL, Neighbourhood CIL, Section 106 projects and the Carbon Offset Fund projects.

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