Wednesday 7 February 2024

Spring flowers and rubbish in the historic Old St Andrew's churchyard


I always enjoy a stroll through Old St Andrew's churchyard in Kingsbury at this time of year as the first signs of Spring emerge. Naturalised snowdrops and crocuses mix with lesser celandine and the first leaves of bluebells.

The flowers  had lifted my heart but the amount of litter was truly depressing: beer cans, plastic bottles, fast food packaging  and items of clothing were everywhere, even on the less walked paths. Full black plastic bags of rubbish were thrown into the undergrowth and as you can see below even furniture had been discarded.

Walkers on the Capital Ring often take a detour to see Old St Andrew's Church, Brent's oldest buiding and Grade 1 listed. 

It is not just the churchyard that suffers there is also regular fly-tipping in the shrubbery outside the Riverside care home and on the verge opposite the Welsh Harp Sailing Club on Birchen Grove. People in cars parked along the road adjacent to the allotments in the evening leave fast food packaging, cans tissues and even used condoms.



Anonymous said...

Love where you live? Really, this is B~ent isn't it?

Trevor Ellis said...

I'm pleased that the (Anonymous) post from '7 February 2024' made reference to the ''Do you Love where you live'' cardboard placard above Processional Way in Wembley Park.

Indeed, I think that given the overall poor environmental state of Wembley, and the ongoing problem with poor-quality housing throughout Brent, the question should be: ''Do you dislike where you live? if your answer is yes, please contact us, because we will support a reasonable and fair campaign for better social housing in Brent''