Monday 5 February 2024

Barry Gardiner fronts new documentary on leasehold giving leaseholders a voice at last


Barry Gardiner. MP for Brent North, has long fought for leasehold reform and has been frustrated by lack of government action.

He has taken the unusual step of presenting and taking part in a 42 minute documentary on 'Leasehold -millions unable to move or sell'. 

The documentary can be viewed HERE


LEASEHOLD is the new 42-minute documentary which tells the story of the millions of leaseholders now trapped in their own homes, unable to sell or move apartment. The programme examines the need for better rules to govern apartment management and construction.


Since the Grenfell disaster, the government has introduced legal changes which have meant many homeowners are now unable to secure a mortgage on their property and face mounting new costs.


The show is presented by Labour MP Barry Gardiner and visits residents across the UK from London to Manchester meeting those affected by years of uncertainty, building misery and increased bills.


Trevor Ellis said...

I feel really disappointed by the lack of comments on issues that many people living in Brent can relate to.
Indeed, I'll use this opportunity to say that I think that those of us who are currently (trapped) in accommodation that fails to meet acceptable standards; should speak up and let our feelings be known about how such injustice and unquestionable neglect affect us from day to day.

Anonymous said...

Don't recall seeing Barry Gardiner objecting to all the leasehold developments all around us - he claims to live in Wembley Central so could have objected as a resident not just as a MP!