Friday, 5 February 2010

Think local, change the whole country

Empty Democracy?

The comments on the Youth Parliament story indicate widespread disenchantment with the political process as it stands. This message may be of interest to you.

My name is Annie Quick.

I'll be organising POWER2010 in London. It's my job to make sure that people in our community stand up to our politicians - making sure that they all sign up to our Pledge - and then follow through on their commitment in the next Parliament.

We need to let our candidates know that we want our democracy to have a fresh people powered start.

Help me tell them - click here to vote for the reforms you most want to see in the POWER2010 Pledge.

POWER2010 is a UK-wide movement, but it's most important at the local level. Together we will ensure every candidate standing for election backs these reforms so that the next Parliament delivers the change we need.

The best way to communicate that to them now is to vote. The more votes we have, the more legitimate we'll appear to the politicians, and the more they'll respect us.

I'll ask for more help as we get closer to the elections, but for now the most important thing you can do is vote for the reforms you want to see in the POWER2010 Pledge:

Together, we can make our democracy better, stronger and fairer.

Thank you,

Annie Quick

P.S. In the next few weeks POWER2010 will be stepping up the campaign in London, so if you'd like to get more involved in supporting us in your community sign up here:


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