Saturday 29 October 2011

'Living Doll Cliff ' to be immortalised in Wembley

Some people think he is in immortal anyway but a statue of Sir Cliff Richard is due to be erected at Wembley's Arena Square. The 2 metre high bronze statue has been commissioned by Thank You For The Music of Oppland, Norway.

A Council insider said, 'Moscow has Lenin's tomb and soon Wembley will have Cliff's statue.  We expect this to become a major tourist attraction, if not a shrine. Its positioning close to the new Civic Centre will answer critics who have called the Council philistines because we have closed half the borough's libraries. This statue will restore our cultural credentials.'

Okay, I made the Council's comment up but if YOU want to comment on the planning application follow this LINK. The decision will be made by November 24th.


Pete Firmin said...

My comment on the Council's consultation website:
"Why do we need a statue to Cliff Richard in Wembley? What connection does he have with Wembley or brent? The applicant doesn't even live in brent, but Norway. If the Council really wish to erect a statue to someone who has contributed locally, then they could do far worse than erect a statue to the late Jayaben Desai, the most prominent of the Grunwick strikers who has had little recognition."

Anonymous said...

Graham Durham comments:

Great idea - We're all going on a permanent summer (and winter ) holiday - no more working for a year or two (thanks to Council cuts)

As for Cliff's 1958 classic - Choppin' and Changing - we could run a schools competition for new lyrics

Or - erect a Brent statue to the late Jimmy Savile - JIM CAN'T FIX IT

Anonymous said...

Sir Cliff Richard has performed at Wembley Arena more than any other artist in the UK. That's his connection! I've never heard of Jayaben Desai.