Thursday, 20 October 2011

Update from Save Preston Library Campaign

Brent Council have given an undertaking NOT TO  take any steps to dispose of any of the library buildings, and that the stock at Preston will not be disposed of now - nor will any steps be taken to that end. We expect the Council also to agree not to do anything that will prevent the reopening of any library should the appeal succeed. However, we are not yet clear whether this is also an agreement not to remove stock from libraries which are still intact - Preston and Kensal Rise. We will pass on more news when it is available. The Appeal is likely to be heard around November 10-11.
 In the meantime, we are maintaining our presence outside Preston Library. Although it is a breezy corner, it is becoming quite cosy - with lots of support, tea and cake from neighbours. If you can spare some time tomorrow to join in - that would be great. Today there was a children's reading circle after school. Please bring candles if you come after dusk.

Take a look at the Preston Library Democracy Wall on YouTube - courtesy of Brent Greens:
. Lots more photos of Brent's Wall of Shame and up to date news at

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