Friday, 22 May 2020

Joint unions reach agreement on school wider opening with Brent Council

After a meeting between education union officers and Brent CEO Carolyn Downs and Strategic Director of Children and Young People, Gail Tolley the following was agreed earlier today:
A gradual return is beneficial with NO RUSH.
Schools SHOULD match their risk assessments against the joint union checklist.
Brent ARE supportive of schools delaying opening.
They EXPECT mention of risk to people of BME backgrounds to be in risk assessments.
There is PPE in Brent and it should be used where needed.
There MUST be social distancing in schools.
Schools MUST consult with trade union reps and members on the risk assessments. Local authority schools will be told to do this. Academies/free schools will be advised.
Risk assessments have to be done by SLT and HAVE to be signed off by governors/trustees BY LAW.
New cases of COVID-19 in schools have to be reported to public health. Therefore there should be a protocol for this in schools.
Gail  Tolley will be advising Heads that there are many new union reps who need to be given time to be consulted.
The council will support any school that decides to focus on other year groups if they believe reception/nursery aren't safe.

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