Friday 29 March 2024

The loss of a magnificent willow tree in Wembley Park comes as a sad shock

The magnificent willow next to 6 Greenhill Way, Wembley Park - as it was

Wembley Park has a considerable number of willow trees that give the name to Forty Willows GP Surgery and The Willows Children's Centre in Chalkhill amongst the willow=related place names.  A lovely specimen that was in the grounds of the former Brent Town Hall was removed by the Lycee, in 2017 possibly after storm damage:


After removal

Today, having been away for a month I was shocked to see ttoday hat the wonderful willow in Greenhill Way Top photograph) was a shadow of its former self. I believe it might had had a TPO (Tree Preservation Order) but the jagged edges at the end of the branches seem to indicate storm damage but I would be grateful for any information from neighbours. This was a real landmark tree and it is  sad to see it gone.

Further afield there are willows in the Open Space in Monks Park near the River Brent and another in Neasden Lane on the Chancel House site is to be preserved when the North Brent Secondary School is built.


Chancel House willow, Neasden Lane


The willow maze in the woods

Close by in Fryent Country Park (behind the Salmon Street houses) there is a little known willow tree maze planted by the Barn Hill Conservation Group  decades ago. Now nicely mature I have lost a few primary classes and teachers on its leafy paths over the years. 


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this tree came down in strong winds a month ago. Such a shame to see such a beautiful tree go 😔

Anonymous said...

Surely this majestic tree could have been saved?

My father in law's leaseholder regularly pollarded their willow tree every 3-4 years and each time it fully rejuvenated to full leaf.

Philip Bromberg said...

Perhaps it could have been saved. Or not. But of course people are aware that the Council (which sadly has a very chainsaw-happy attitude towards its own trees) rarely (if ever?) takes any action over the loss of protected trees. I'm reminded of the removal, a few years ago, of a very beautiful willow from Grendon Gardens in the Barn Hill Conservation Area.

E.Boden said...

Julie Hughes, Principal Tree Officer, says it does have a TPO, but, with previous storm damage which had already hollowed the main stem, the official advice was to fell and replace the tree.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it wasn't maintained properly before 😞

Will they actually replace it with a willow?

Anonymous said...

How does it sound like it wasn’t maintained properly before?

Anonymous said...

It says above "Julie Hughes, Principal Tree Officer, says it does have a TPO, but, with previous storm damage which had already hollowed the main stem" - larger branches should have been cut back after the previous storm

Anonymous said...

I am not overly convinced that it was storm damage. I live close by and have seen portions of it being chopped down making it unstable.

This tree has been a stumbling block for the owners as a number of years ago they applied for planning permission to build flats / houses in that space. The tree is protected therefore the application failed!