Monday 1 April 2024

Luxury 'Wedding Hotel' for Wembley on Brent Council site


Rooftop 'Wedding garden'

 Cash-strapped Brent Council is set to approve a partnership with Rhapsody Hotels of Singapore to build a luxury hotel on the site of its Wedding Garden.  The Garden replaced the much-loved garden at the old Brent Town Hall which now forms part of the grounds of the Lycee.

The current garden is built alongside the Civic Centre and hired at additional cost for Civic weddings. With high rises all around it is somewhat dwarfed and not the ideal setting. However, the site itself is quite generous and of considerable value if itself converted into a high rise block.

The Marriage  (Ceremonial) Garden

In  the multimillion deal Brent would sell the site to Rhapsody but would retain the rooftop and two floors of the 26 storey block for a marriage roof garden and large halls accommodating up to 500 wedding guests. Brent Council as registrar would retain the ceremonial fees and other charges with separate charges for use of the roof garden.  The report to Bretn Council suggests that with the new luxury provision fees could be considerable increased and the facility would attract national and international couples as well as locals.

Currennt fees

The roof top garden would provide the iconic backdrop of the stadium and view across London for rooftop wedding photographs and enhanced versions of the current ceremonial garden facilities:

·       selfie frame

·       flower wall and Love Lights

·       disability access

·       Fairy Lights

·       heaters

·       toilets

·       Wi-Fi

 The hotel itself would cater for weddings, civil partnership and other ceremonies with provision of honeymoon suites and luxury accommodation for ceremony guests with spa facilities including sauna, jacuzzi and beauty parlours and first class restaurants and banqueting halls.

Officers argue that a 'wedding package' would benefit both the hotel and the Council as well as providing custom for all the eating and entertainment facilities around Wembley Park including the LDO:

With so many wedding and civil partnerships going to Paris, Berlin or Prague for their ceremonies this is a chance to make Wembley the wedding capital of the UK attracting people from all over the world for what will be a unique and memorable offer,

Mr Yuv Binhad of Rhapsody Hotels said:

This is fantastic news for our shareholders. We have long admired Wembley Park as a 'Little Singapore' and we are pleased to become partners with such a forward thinking, and if I may I say so... romantic council.


Anonymous said...

Shama Tatler and Mo Butt currently in a bunker at the civic centre plotting this exact move. We will all have Yuv Binhad to thank!

Anonymous said...

With no increase in onsite parking, I’m sure it’s expected that all the guests will come on the tube to the venue, in all their finery.

Anonymous said...

If it's an Event day, the roads are closed. They will have to leave their cars, the Bride will have to walk with her Bridesmaids, along Engineers Way with Football Fans chanting "we're on our way to Wembley" and say her vows to the cheers of the fans when they score. I am blown away by all the romance right to the roof tops.

Anonymous said...

Can’t tell if this is an April fools joke

Martin Francis said...

The clue is in the Rhapsody Hotel's CEO's name.

Anonymous said...

good one Martin

claremounties said...

Brilliantly plausible!!! It was the odd figure in the fees that rumbled it.

Martin Francis said...

The charges are a screen grab from the Brent Council website.

Philip Bromberg said...

Hahaha. But there's always the worry that something that strikes you (and me) as a good joke might put ideas into other people's heads!

Jaine Lunn said...

Best joke of the day.

David Walton said...

Strange how it is so overlooked.

More usual to be raised to provide 360 views across the city rather than to be 360 viewed into like a goldfish bowl.

Anonymous said...

A good April Fools joke, but the frightening thing is that such an idea from Brent is quite believable!!!

Anonymous said...

What's even more of a joke is the description of the existing actual Brent Wedding Garden ...

"For those that enjoy an outdoor setting, our large, landscaped ceremonial gardens, complete with a canopy area, draped fairy lights and heaters to allow for ceremonies all year around, provide a stunning setting for any celebratory event morning, afternoon or evening.

Designed by award-winning architects, our garden has three separately landscaped areas, including flowering plants, striking pergolas and a purpose built canopy to allow for all weather. This space has everything you need to provide the perfect backdrop to a memorable celebration."

It's basically a car park sized patch surrounded by high rise blocks with buses and other large vehicles
going past - certainly not "large, landscaped ceremonial gardens"!!!

Anonymous said...

We have been had.

David Walton said...

I am however supportive of all roof space in housing high risk building pile ups being green/ active use, but preferably designed so that residents can access some sunlight.

Realise this, as with two staircase towers costs developers more as does de-segregation connectivity over rail lines for the active traffic generated by these car-free towers. Rather than needlessly growing congestion, instead master plan require direct active traffic route bridges over rail track severances throughout the car -free housing pile up 6 borough Great Western Tower Hundreds City.