Monday 29 April 2024

Licensing Committee meeting to decide controversial Wembley Rooftop Bar application cancelled and adjourned until June


The entrance and rooftop area of the proposed bar

A Brent Entertainment and Licensing Committee meeting to hear an application for a rooftop bar overlooking Wembley Stadium, atop a residential block, has been cancelled at short notice. The meeting was due to be held tomorrow and is now adjourned until a later date in June. The applicant made the request stating that "the developer is currently devising a new entry plan which may help to address a number of the objectors key concerns. This may take a couple of weeks to finalise".

The application by Field Vision Wembley Rooftop, at 10-12 Wembley Park Boulevard was for the sale of alcohol Monday to Sunday 10am -11pm and to remain open 8am -11.30pm Monday to Sunday.

The application has attracted opposition from residents of the block regarding noise, anti-social behaviour, sharing lifts with rowdy  and safety of children fans amongst other concerns.

Council officers and the police have also opposed the application as it stands although there is a possibility of agreeing conditions:


Brent Licensing Enforcement Officer


I certify that I have carefully considered the above premises licence application, and

consequently, I wish to make a representation on the grounds that if the application were to be granted as it currently is, it would likely have a detrimental effect on two out of the four below licensing objectives:


• the prevention of crime and disorder;

• public safety;

the prevention of public nuisance;

• the protection of children from harm.


Match Day


- Has the applicant undertaken an Entry/Exit Plan, Fan Zone Crowd Safety Management Plan

and an Evacuation Plan?

- Taking into consideration the use of the internal space on the ground floor, does the client

intend to have a queuing system beyond the entrance onto the outside area/ Wembley Park

Boulevard? (I.e., Fan Zone Crowd Safety Management Plan)

- Will the premises be open to patrons following full time on a football event match day? If so, how will the applicant deal with the outside queuing area, especially if fans are leaving the stadium via ‘The Spanish Steps’? (I.e., Fan Zone Crowd Safety Management Plan)

- How will staff ensure that the number of patrons will not go beyond capacity? (I.e., Entry/Exit Plan)

- How many staff will be downstairs managing the internal reception area? (I.e., Entry/Exit Plan)

- How will the phased entry system work? (I.e., Entry/Exit Plan)

- Will the use of the lift to the terrace be exclusively for patrons or will it be shared with

residents? (I.e., Entry/Exit Plan)

- How will patrons leave the premises? Will there be a phased exit system as well? (I.e.,Entry/Exit Plan)

- Will there be a separation between patrons wanting to leave the premises and patrons waiting in the reception area? (I.e., Entry/Exit Plan)

- Where are the designated fire exits on the ground floor? (I.e., Evacuation Plan)

- Will the internal reception area impede any evacuation procedure? (I.e., Evacuation Plan)

- How will staff mitigate against fans throwing objects over the edge off the terrace? (I.e., Will there be a barrier/planter erected? What will the height of this be?)

- Will the applicant have a specific security plan for high risk, medium risk, and low risk football match day events?


Having carefully read the application, I wouldn’t have any issues with this application being granted providing that certain assurances are made by way of conditions and if the applicant agrees to the reduced hours. This in turn will satisfy the promotion of the four licensing objectives.


Nuisance Control Team


Dear Licensing Authority, applicant, and agent


Nuisance Control Team as a Responsible Authority make representation against the

application. This is based on concern that granting the application is likely to result in public

nuisance arising from airborne noise associated with patrons in an open air venue in close

proximity to noise sensitive premises – those being the north elevation upper floors at the

neighbouring 14 Wembley Park Boulevard, and residents living beneath the roof space at 48

Olympic Way. We are concerned that rowdy or raucous alcohol-fuelled behaviour would

result in public nuisance by adversely interfering with the right of neighbours to reasonably

enjoy their home.


Metropolitan Police


Police concerns are around Public Safety.


1. Police to establish how the applicant will manage the crowd/queuing system in and out of

the venue on match days.

2. Police to establish what measures the applicant have in place for an emergency? Eg

police/ambulance attendance to the rooftop and/or evacuation


Anonymous said...

Roof top bar sounds great. The residents of buildings, most of which are empty, knew they were buying in an entertainment zone

Anonymous said...

Because of course we need another bar in Wembley Park (not)!

Anonymous said...

What roof top bars do you frequent

Anonymous said...

Don't understand the point of your question?

Anonymous said...

Don't understand your comment?