Sunday 21 April 2024

LETTER: So much for reducing the Wembley High Road's street furniture



Dear Editor,

You have to post this, whilst you were away this new street furniture/signage appeared all along the Harrow Road and High Road. 17 years after the new stadium was opened and when installing the new paving the council made a point about reducing the street furniture. 

Clearly they are struggling to get it right. The first photograph the corner of  the High Road and Ecclestone Place, and the second shows one bang slap on the narrow footpath on the central High Road shopping area, you just couldn't  make this up.

A Wembley Resident


Jaine Lunn said...

Why not use the existing lamp post?

Anonymous said...

Only on Event Days.

Philip Bromberg said...

Not only the High Road - we have one of these extraordinarily intrusive signs on Forty Avenue, at the junction with Barn Rise. The proliferation of street furniture is a serious issue, but these new event day signs are in a class of their own.

Anonymous said...

The footfall traffic planning is very bad.

Firstly they need to remove all the advertising Billboard on street level.

Need to remove the BT telephone box and post box outside Wembley central which causes a huge bottle neck.

Change the street widening for cars taking a right turn on to London road (outside boots). Previously cars could take a right turn with other cars able to pass on their left. Now the cars that turn right cause a bottle neck of cars waiting for those going into London road to finish their turn. This causes traffic.

Anonymous said...

These huge signs are now blocking the pavements all the time not just on event days!!!

It's unbelievable that these have been dumped on our narrow pavements when Brent Council and The Mayor Of London want us to walk everywhere!!!

Anonymous said...

They also need to remove all the stalls, goods and signs illegally on the pavements - these also cause bottle necks and are ideal for the pick pocketters.

David Walton said...

Any news on the key active traffic bridge over the rail tracks behind Wembley High Road south. Has any investment reversal of its major neglect as covered by WM started to happen yet?

I ask because I am attempting to get the existing Willesden Junction to new HS2/ Elizabeth Line Old Oak Common (Britain's biggest new station) direct active traffic bridge/ 'high line' over rail tracks and canal, widened to future population growth scale.

It is ok maintained, but doesn't seem as yet to future plans exist for OPDC which is concerning given Harlesden Major Town car-free housing towers north and Harlesden car-free housing towers south.

How's a car-free four bedroom tower housed family being planned and designed to directly move around in the new Great Western City? Docklands did at least have some active traffic bridging plans.

Anonymous said...

These huge ugly signs are also on the very narrow pavements in Wembley Hill Road and Park Lane.

Why are these huge ugly signs necessary??? They are an eyesore and clutter up the pavements.

Would they not have had to get planning permission to install these?

Anonymous said...

Mayor of London's 'Walking Action Plan'

"Ensuring that walking is prioritised in every new infrastructure scheme, through London's first ever pedestrian design guidance and a range of other tools and analysis to support boroughs to deliver local schemes"

Yet we have these huge signs with huge concrete bases dumped on our pavements in Wembley giving directions to polluting traffic when Wembley Stadium was built as a 'public transport destination'!'s%20Transport%20Strategy&text=By%202041%2C%20the%20Mayor's%20aim,of%20active%20travel%20per%20day