Wednesday 10 April 2024

Determined Byron Court campaigners will protest on Monday as Harris Federation takeover barons visit the school


Undaunted by Brent Council Cabinet's inability to intervene in the forced academisation of Byron Court Primary, campaigners will protest on Monday as the Harris Federation visit the school.

Parents and supporters will meet at the The Link off Nathan Road outside South Kenton Station at 2.45pm on Monday April 15th (opposite side of the station to the Windermere pub).

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Philip Grant said...

Byron Court Primary School was opened in 1932, as part of the planned 1930s suburban Sudbury Court Estate, built by the Wembley firm of Comben & Wakeling.

It was a local authority (either Middlesex County Council or Wembley Urban District Council) school, to serve the children of families on the estate, virtually all of whom would have walked to school.

Its ownership passed to the new London Borough of Brent in 1965, and it was Brent Council which built extra classrooms on the site, to make the school five-form entry, following a controversial decision and planning application in 2016.

Forced academisation will hand over the land and buildings, which successive local councils have paid for, to an unelected and locally unaccountable Academy chain (and one set up and controlled by a Conservative Party donor!).

The reason for the handover? A single inspection report by a discredited body, Ofsted, against which there is no appeal (unless the decision of the person who made the forced academisation order can be Judicially Reviewed - a risky and expensive process).

I can understand why campaigners are protesting, and wish them success.