Monday, 4 May 2009


Arguments over whether there was a real need for the temporary ARK Academy infant school will be fuelled by figures given out at the Scrutiny Committee on April 29th.

The figures showed that there was a total of 98 reception class vacancies in local schools as of April 27th, including 4 in the Academy itself. This included 15 at Wembley Primary and 17 at Preston Park which are both near the Academy, as well as 8 in Stonebridge, 12 at St Marys RC and 16 at st Mary's C of E. The figures bear out the claim by objectors to the Academy that it would damage local community primary schools.

The Casual Admission figures (children applying for school places during the school year outside the usual admissions process) January 2006-December 2008 provided to the Planning Committee do not make it clear whether these are net of those leaving the borough. If leavers have not been deducted the figures are meaningless. There were similar problems last year when Council publicity over a shortage of spaces did not take account of children moving out of the borough.

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