Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Gardiner and Blackman Lab-Con Anti-academy Alliance

Barry Gardiner, Labour MP for North Brent and Bob Blackman, leader of the Conservative group on Brent Council and a coalition partner of the Liberal Democrats, have united to write to London Mayor Boris Johnson to persuade him to refuse the Lib Dems permission to build an ARK City Academy on playing fields in Wembley.

Their letter states:

The local Labour Member of Parliament, Barry Gardiner and the Conservative Deputy Leader of the Council, Cllr. Bob Blackman, have joined together because of our concern about the inadequacies of the case that the Liberal controlled administration on Brent Council have put before you for consideration.

It is our shared view that you should not allow this proposal to pass, at the very least, until certain clarifications and conditions are provided that would make good the deficiencies of the current application. These deficiencies as they relate to the Mayor’s proper concerns are with regard to:

• The transport assessments

• Transport capacity and cost

• The environmental sustainability of the development

• The potential safety risk to the adjacent Metropolitan and Jubilee Lines

Click HERE for the full letter

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