Friday, 16 October 2009


The Cambridge Review of Primary Education, published today, could be as important for primary schools this century as Plowden was in the last. Its recommendations would liberate teachers and pupils and return the love of learning to the heart of primary education.

In its criticism of over centralisation, the narrowing of the curriculum, the stultifying impact of SAT tests, and the too early start to formal learning, the Review supports the Green Party’s policies on the abolition of SATs and league tables, a broad and rich curriculum and the importance of play in the early years.

The automatic repetition of their cherished shibboleths by government ministers and its knee-kerk rejection of the Review cannot match the 28 research surveys, 1,052 written submissions, 250 focus groups, 14 authors and 66 research consultants who contributed to the report.

The Green Party adds its voice to those of the many professional associations who have already endorsed the main thrust of the Review. Let’s reclaim our schools and learning for the sake of the next generation of children.

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Anonymous said...

The thong that amazed and disgusted me was the speed of rejection by the government of such a thorough and positive review.