Sunday, 28 March 2010

Why Equality is Better for Everyone

Read this book before casting your vote in the election:

The Spirit Level, Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett, Penguin, £9.99
ISBN 978-0-141-03236-8

CLICK HERE for Equality Trust slide show giving the statistics used in the Spirit Level


Anonymous said...

And read the main parties' responces - the Lib Dem one is surprisingly good-

But where is the Green Party's?

Martin Francis said...

There will be much more in our Manifesto but this is what Caroline Lucas told Demos earlier this month:

She said: "The economic, political and environmental challenges that we face represent a key opportunity to embrace Green thinking - and for policymakers to begin to prioritise true equality and human well-being above narrow and short-term economic growth.

"The great progressive agenda of the twentieth century - social security provisions, better housing, full employment, education reforms and the National Health Service - was all about equality. The simple principle was that everyone should be provided equally with the basics of a civilised society.

"The fundamental challenge now for progressive politics is that we must come to terms with the true meaning of equality.

"Progressive politics has depended on ever increasing economic growth and rising prosperity to bring about a redistribution of power.

"As the economy has grown, so elites have been persuaded to give up a little of the wealth and power.

"But this has consequences.

"It gives the illusion of greater equality, while allowing for greater concentration of power and wealth in the hands of the few.

"What's more, prosperity itself may be built on rotten foundations. The growth that has paid for our welfare state is built on the exploitation of our natural resources and on the exploitation of people here and around the world. Often with the best intentions, the pursuit of increased national wealth as a means to promote equality carries with it the seeds of its own failure."

Caroline concluded: "The Green party is built on the single principle of equality - and its aim is to attempt to put the underlying principles of progressive politics into practice.

"We are bringing an essential new insight to progressive politics; the time has come to widen our mission, renew our sense of internationalism, and embrace our responsibility for future generations."