Friday, 9 April 2010

Greens are the REAL alternative

"....But the bigger political picture, in the wake of the greatest economic crisis since the 1930s, won't get a look in. That's partly because over some of the crucial controversies, the public is on one side of the argument and the political class on the other.

"That's the case with the war in Afghanistan, the cossetting of bankers, privatisation of public services and tax privileges for the weathy, for instance. The main parties in England support them, so most voters will have no choice."

So said Seumas Milne, writing in yesterday's Guardian summing up the cosy consensus amongst the three main parties.  The Green Party does hold sharply different positions on these issues and if you are lucky enough to live in Brent you can vote for them:
  • AFGHANISTAN - We are for withdrawal of our troops and a regional peace process
  • BANKERS - We want reform of the finance sector, separation of retail and investment banking and a 'Robin Hood' tax on international  financial transactions
  • PRIVATISATION -We are opposed to the privatisation and deregulation of services and would end PFI schemes 
  • TAXES ON THE WEALTHY - We would increase taxes on the wealthy, close loopholes and have a special permanent tax on bankers' bonuses

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