Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Youth Go Green

An enthusiastic school student hailed me last night when I was leafleting:  'Hey you're Green. We just voted for you!' She went on to explain that Year 7 had held an election today at Wembley High School and that the Greens had topped the poll with 56 votes, 10 more than Labour.

Someone else told me that Year 6 children from a local primary had run into the school clutching the Green Party's Brent North postcard, excitedly telling their teacher the Greens were going to abolish SATs, and that they would be voting Green.  She gently told them that it might not happen in time for them to avoid the tests next week.  Perhaps their headteacher will take note and operate the NAHT/NUT boycott.

It's good to know the kids are with us!

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