Monday, 29 November 2010

Waste Savings and Strategy Challenged

Tomorrow's Overview and Scrutiny Committee (7.30pm Council Chamber, Town Hall) will consider call-ins on the Street Cleansing Efficiency savings and Waste Collection Strategy decisions made by the Council Executive on November 15th.

The reasons cited for the call-in of the Street Cleansing Efficiency Savings are:
  • The decision departs from the principle of protecting front line services.
  • Consider the implications for the cleanliness of local streets.
  • Consider the implications of prompt identifying of dumped rubbish and  their removal.
  • Consider full and effective consultation with local residents on this.
The reasons cited for the call-in of the Waste Strategy are:

  •  To discuss concerns regarding the nature and openness of the consultation and the possibility of full consulting residents.
  • To consider the concerns of residents around the reduction in service and the implications of the increase in the number of bins.
  • To discuss concerns regarding the co-mingling of waste and contamination of waste.
  • To fully review the options available.
  • To consider how to retain public support for recycling and not lose it by scrapping weekly refuse collections.
  • To consider implications of fortnightly refuse collections on housing estates and properties in multiple occupation.
  • To consider the risk of Judicial Review

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