Wednesday 15 February 2012

A guide to 'Brent Speak'

Proceedings at the Brent Executive on Monday got me thinking about 'Brent Speak' the rather special language that Brent Council has developed which often mystifies ordinary mortals. This is the beginning of a translation of some of the words and phrases so they can be more readily understood - translation in italics. I would welcome any more contributions from readers:

Area Consultation Forum "We'll bore you rigid with pointless Powerpoint Presentations"
Back bench councillors (Labour) "Which way did Ann say we have to vote?"
Brent Magazine Council propaganda with nice colour photographs

Buy-back services to schools Cut to school budgets through new or increased charges
Chief Executive Leader of the Council
Civic Centre grandiose vanity project 
Consultation "Say what you like, we've already decided"
Cost neutral Profits to developers
Efficiencies Redundancies

Listed building Development opportunity
Officer recommendations Automatic council decision
Personalised budget "You're on your own mate"

Savings Cuts
Standardisation of Outer London Weighting Wage cut for long established workers

Targeted offer Restriction of service to fewer people, especially children

"Three Creative Cluster Spaces which will be fitted out to facilitate an array of artist and cultural programming" (proposed Willesden Cultural Centre) Three meeting rooms (Thanks to Cllr Powney for his translation)
Transformation Project Closure programme
Transport Eligibility Criteria (revision of) Cutting transport for those with disabilities - usually accompanied by 'to encourage independent travel'


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