Sunday 19 February 2012

Willesden Green residents rise in defence of bookshop and Victorian library

Many thanks to BNCTV

BNCTV made this recording of the inaugural meeting of the 'Keep Willesden Green' campaign that was held earlier this week. The letter I read out near the beginning is from Labour councillor Claudia Hector. Liberal Democratic councillor Barry Cheese defends the plans that will demolish the Victorian Building and leave the Willesden Bookshop without premises.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff and people are speaking out against Cheese and his wheeze. What's next? Picket the old building? An ongoing demo/presence outside the building letting passers by know what the council are planning to do to our heritage?

helen grunberg said...

Please Please do not demolish these iconic and historic buildings. The Heritage trust should not allow this demolishon to be even allowed. Willesden has got old areas . we must savour the past.

Anonymous said...

Occupy the area outside with tents like wall street and st pauls.

Anonymous said...

Do you know that "The Project Team" for the Willesden Green Cultural Centre are holding consultations at Willesden Green Library Centre on Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 29 February, from 10.30am to 6.30pm? In order to book a "slot" to speak to them, you need to telephone the Freephone number 0800 298 7040.
I'm not sure how much publicity there has been for this, which may be the only "consultation" there will be, but if you can manage to get one of the "slots" to put your views on record, please do.
Are "The Project Team" Brent Council officials who are actually dealing with the regeneration scheme, or from Galliford Try who will be carrying out the development, or from the architects who will be designing it? Apparently not. They appear to be a director and employees of the Public Relations company, Remarkable Group, based in Winchester, Hampshire.