Friday 7 December 2018

Community urged to rally to the support of Bridge Park on Sunday afternoon as Brent Council moves to seize back the site

The Bridge Park Development site
Wembley Matters has been reporting the community's attempt  to claim back possession of the Bridge Park complex ahead of Brent Council's decision to sell the site for development to an off-shore developer. LINK LINK

The latest round of the battle will take place this Sunday, December 9th, from 2.30pm to 4.30pm following reports that Brent Council is to apply to the Land Registry for a summary hearing to lift the restriction on the sale won by Bridge Park Community Council (BPCC)  last year.

The Centre was started in the early1980s by a group of young black people from Stonebridge who wanted to contribute something positive for the community at a time when there has been uprisings against racism, police oppression and discrimination in Brixton and several English cities. LINK

The meeting is at Bridge Park Centre itself on the Harrow Road. 18 bus or Stonebridge Park station.

The Kilburn Times LINK quoted Jay Mastin, chair of BPCC:
In August 2017, an application was made by BPCC to the Land Registry to restrict Brent Council from selling Bridge Park. BPCC made several offers to negotiate with Brent Council. However, they have chosen to not come to the negotiating table. Instead they have apparently sided with commercial interests and have used council funds to take the community to the High Court. We would like support from the local community. This is our legacy. It is a building we own, we raised the money through grants, Brent are merely the custodians of it.

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