Tuesday 21 May 2024

Brent Council Cabinet and Committee appointments for 2024-2025

 Brent Council Cabinet and Committee appointments have been published ahead of the AGM tomorrow evening where Cllr Tariq Dar will be installed as Mayor.

Cabinet and other appointments/nominations are all made by Brent Council leader Muhammed Butt. Note that on the Barham Trust Committee the Cabinet have to approve their own appointment!

The two Scrutiny Committees are important to ensure there is careful consideration of Cabinet decisions and initiatives. I do not know if there is any significance in the word 'Scrutiny' missing from Resources and Public Realm. Note that chairs and vice chairs of both committees are from the Labour Party. This will change if the Liberal Democrat constitutional amendment is passed.

Given the amount of development in Brent the 'non-political' Planning Committee is of particular significance. Again Chair and Vice Chair are Labour nominations.

 There are several fairly independent Labour councillors on the Audit and Standards Committee:

Other Committee appointments are Labour only. Note the appointment of Cllr Saqib Butt, Vice Chair of Planning and brother of Muhammed Butt the Council Leader, To the First Wave Housing Board, 14B Board and deputy to Cllr Kelcher (Chair of Planning) on Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation Planning Committee.

For other appointments see LINK.


Anonymous said...

Why are no Liberal Democrats sitting on Planning Committee and Audit and Standards Committee if we are expecting fair and democratic scrutiny?

Anonymous said...

We might expect fair and democratic scrutiny but it'll never happen in Brent.

Anonymous said...

They’re not the main opposition party.

Anonymous said...

Bit in opposition surely they should be represented what harm can they do? I would like to hear their thoughts on issues

Anonymous said...

Never say never!

It wont happen with the present Leader and his large Labour majority, but the Tories had a large majority in the last general election, and look where they are now!

Anonymous said...

Vote for them at the next local elections then!

Please vote for anyone except Labour!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow - after what the tories have done in central government you seriously want them in local government?