Monday 20 May 2024

The Brent Council Change Programme: what does it mean?

 Deep in the documentation for tomorrow's Brent Council AGM there are some constitutional amendments most of which are routine. However, there is a substantial section about a change in how the Council works.

The language is such that I asked CHATGPT to translate it for me:



A Strategic change programme has recently been adopted, designed to harness our strengths, focus our ambitions, and ensure that as an organisation we improve and evolve to tackle current and emerging challenges in meeting the needs of our local communities.


The Change Programme is about the key cross-cutting enablers that form the building blocks of an effective organisation and will drive our operating model in the future. And at the heart, it is about how we will do things going forward, with a focus on developing a culture that enables us to work much more collaboratively with each other, with partners,and, crucially, with our residents, establishing a real sense of place. The changeprogramme is organised into the following eight workstreams:


- Organisational culture and workforce strategy

- Strategic Partnerships

- Community power and resilience

- Place making

- Strategic Commissioning and capacity building

- Digital and Data

- Property and assets

- Customer Access





We've recently started a big change programme to use our strengths, focus our goals, and make sure we improve and grow to meet the needs of our local communities.


This programme focuses on the important parts that make our organisation effective and will shape how we operate in the future. It’s mainly about how we will do things from now on, emphasizing working better together, with partners, and with our residents to create a strong community.


The change program includes eight main areas:

  • Building a positive work culture and developing our workforce
  • Forming strategic partnerships
  • Empowering the community and building resilience
  • Creating strong, vibrant places
  • Improving strategic planning and capacity
  • Using digital tools and data effectively
  • Managing property and assets efficiently
  • Enhancing customer access and service

Will CHATGPT take over from the Plain English campaign? 

Will Brent Council officers start using it? 

As for the 'Change Programme' itself, will Brent residents notice any difference?


Anonymous said...

Brent Council has its own language.

For example:

Brent Council - "Intelligence led street cleaning"

Translation - "We won't bother to clean your street anymore - because we are clever"

I am sure that WM readers will have their own examples to share.

Anonymous said...

It means there is a new CEO who wants us to think she can change the Council for the better - but in all that management jargon there is nothing about the real change Brent needs, a change of Leader.

Pete Firmin said...

Regardless of the complexity of the language, we've heard such promises so many times and they have come to nothing. Will this be any different? Not holding my breath.