Sunday 26 May 2024

Wembley Stadium bids for planning permission for up to 54 major events (each 60,000+ attendance) a year

Wembley National Stadium Ltd has applied for a change in the cap on the number of events held at the stadium annually:

The variation of Condition 1 will allow the use of the Stadium for up to 54 major events per calendar year (an additional 8 events), with a major event considered as one with an event capacity in excess of 60,000 people.


The variation proposed also includes other changes to modernise the Event Cap as set out below. This variation is required to the Event Cap to ensure it is fit for purpose in response to industry change and an increasingly competitive market. Whilst the revised Event Cap could be taken up in full, in practice WNSL are unlikely to host this number of major events, with the additional events sought principally to ensure sufficient ‘headroom’ is available to support the booking process for artistes.


An amendment to Condition 2 is sought to enable the implementation of temporary traffic measures for up to 54 major events.

Concerts earn more income than sporting events and the application is for the ability to hold more  of them.

The higher direct economic impact associated with non-sporting events was due to a range of factors, including longer dwell times in and around the stadium and greater number of long distance domestic and international visitors, resulting in longer trip durations and more overnight stays. In particular, average expenditure per head was 120% higher for accommodation (£22 compared to £10) and 50% higher for food and drink (£12 compared to £8).

The non-sporting event timetable:

You might be forgiven for thinking that WNSL assume the result of the application, which has to go to Brent Planning Committee, is a foregone conclusion:
       WNSL has conducted pre-application discussions with the Leader and Chief Executive of Brent Council where the proposals in this application were presented. Following that meeting it was agreed between the attendees that:

    “The proposals presented were positively received and WNSL were commended for their professional delivery of stadium event operations to date. It was recognised that the flexibility built into the application to provide a range of dates to promoters and artists is a necessary requirement for WNSL to continually deliver global event success and retain Wembley Stadium’s world class status as an iconic venue for the delivery of sporting and non-sporting events. The benefits of retaining high quality acts at the stadium also reap great rewards for the borough of Brent through the growth of the local community, businesses, economy and tourism.”

There is no mention in the Planning Statement of mitigation for the impact of an increased number of events on local people.  Residents' ability to move around the area, especially by public transport, is directly impacteded. Some bus routes are doverted and others, such as the 206 curtailed completely.

For several weeks running now there has been next to no 206 bus service between Brent Park and The Paddocks in Wembley at the weekend. Yesterday I found a 3 generation family waiting in vain for the 206 at The Paddocks to go to the Swaminarayan Temple in  Brentfield Roadm Neasden. They had to abandon their outing.

Local resident Peggy Wylie asked in November 2023 when full-working on event days would be restored for the 206 following earlier promises that this would happen once North End Road was connected with Bridge Road. This was completed several years ag but the 206 still doesn't run and the elderly and infirm on the Pilgrims Way estate are cut-off on event days.

The latest statement from Brent Council earlier this month gives some hope:

We have been working with TfL Buses and projects in the Wembley area including Two Way working phase 2 which includes the provision of bus stands and us driver facilities on Great Central Way and making First Way two way. The scheme is at detailed design stage and we envisage that it will be delivered later this financial year.

The North End Road / Bridge Road junction has been enabled for future signalisation, with ducts and chambers already constructed. However, highway work is required for providing tactile paving at pedestrian crossings, reconfiguring road markings, assisting TfL’s signals contractor in pulling cables etc. We are now awaiting a cost estimate and provisional programme date from our term contractors GW Highways. We anticipate the work to take approximately 2 weeks and when programming we will of course need to consider the events programme for Wembley Stadium to minimise any congestion and inconvenience.

Once we have a provisional programme date agreed, we will coordinate with Transport for London traffic signals team who will programme with their contractors.

So far there are only 3 residents' comments on the Planning Website (Ref 24/1329) all oppose the increased cap and two are from residents of new blocks close to the stadium.

The information on Statutory Consultees comments on the Brent Council site are remarkably uninformative.

WNSL claim to have consulted with the following bodies:

WNSL has continued to organise regular Business and Residents Liaison Committee meetings which provide an opportunity to discuss operations with a number of groups including:

1.     Cairnfield Residents Association

2. Wembley Park Traders Association

3. Chalkhill Residents Association

4.  Wembley Park Residents Association

5.   Princess Court Residents Association

6.    Barn Hill Residents Association

7.     Brentfield Community Group

8.   Danes/Empire Court Residents Association

9.   Eskdale & Loweswater Close Residents Association

10.  Metropolitan Police

11.  Chichester House Residents Association

12.  Wembley Champions Group

13.  Ealing Road Traders Association

14.  Wembley Central & Alperton Residents Association

  The application Reference is 24/1329 on the Council Website

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Anonymous said...

Let’s have a guarantee that none of our council tax will be spent on the enforcement of public space protection officers and the clean up after the events!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first comment. We would all like to know the TRUE cost of staging Major Events at Wembley Stadium to the local authority, have an audit presented to Scrutiny Committee, be able to trust what is stated, and guaranteed assurance that WSNL is paying the costs £££££s in FULL.

Anonymous said...

Pointless objecting, it will be granted irrespective.

Anonymous said...

No, it's not pointless - if everyone took that view we would never have achieved any change ever.

What would make a huge difference would be voting out Cllr Mo Butt and all his relatives in the next council elections - vote for anyone except Labour!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it’s naive to believe that alone would change very much.

Anonymous said...

It says here "The FA are preparing to roll out largest EVER security operation in Wembley history for Champions League final in the first UEFA showpiece since drink and drug fuelled Euros chaos in 2021"

Is it really worth wasting all these millions on just one football match?

Who's paying for the Brent Council Enforcement Officers, who are no doubt getting paid overtime to work on a Saturday evening (yet they can't patrol our local parks fining street drinkers there)??? And who's paying for the clean up afterwards?

Considering Brent Council have declared a Climate Emergency...
- will all the waste be properly recycled?
- what will be the actual carbon footprint of this one event?
- why are Brent Council encouraging people to drive by offering parking at Fryent Park when the new Wembley Stadium is supposed to be a public transport destination?

Anonymous said...

Getting Labour out of Brent would make a huge difference!

They have driven our borough into the ground - we need change here so vote them out!

Anonymous said...

Getting Labour out of Brent would make a huge difference!

They have driven our borough into the ground - we need change here so vote them out!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Considering how many tickets Cllr Mo Butt, Leader of Brent Council, has been given recently for Wembley Stadium Events, there’s no doubt that he’ll be in favour of these extra Wembley Stadium event days!

See below this list of tickets he’s received, info taken from Brent Council website - these are just the tickets he’s actually declared and pretty sure some of these tickets would have cost a lot more than the prices he’s declared:

21/04/18 - Two tickets for the Emirates FA Cup Semi-Final 2018. Value not known. Received from Anthony Angol - Wembley Public Affairs Manager, the FA Group.

19/05/18 - Four tickets to FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium. Valued at £80 each. Gift received from the Football Association.

26/05/18 - Two tickets to Sky Bet Championship Play-off Final at the Wembley Suite. Valued at £80 each. Gift received from Terrapin Communications.

07/09/18 - Two tickets to England v Spain at Wembley Stadium (match date 08/09/18). Estimated total value £170. Received from Anthony Angol - Wembley Public Affairs Manager, the FA Group.

26/09/18 - Four tickets for Joshua v Povetkin, World Heavyweight Championships at Wembley Arena (match date 22/09/18). Estimated total value £200 per ticket (£80 ticket + £120 catering).

23/10/18 - Four tickets for the Philadelphia Eagles vs Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley Stadium (match date 28/10/18). Value £468 per ticket. Received from the Jacksonville Jaguars.

14/01/19 - Three tickets for Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester United Valued at £80 each. Received from Tottenham Hotspur FC

18/05/19 - Two tickets for the FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium. Valued at £80 each. Received from the Football Association.

19/06/19 - Three tickets for Spice Girls concert. Valued at £80 each. Received from Anthony Angol, Community and CSR Manager, the FA Group, Wembley Stadium.

09/09/19 - Two tickets for England v Bulgaria (match date 07/09/19). Valued at £80 each. Received from Anthony Angol, Community and CSR Manager, the FA Group, Wembley Stadium

03/11/2019 - Invitation to Jaguars game at Wembley Stadium. Approximate value £38.00. Received from NFL Jacksonville Jaguars, LLC, 1 TIAA Bank Field, Jacksonville, Florida, 32202

11/07/2021 - 2 x tickets Final Euro's. Aprroximate value £150.00 x 2. Received from GLA

7/7/2021 - 2 x tickets England v Denmark. Approximate value £150.00 x 2. Received from GLA

13/06/2021 - 2 x tickets England v Croatia. Approximate value £150.00 x 2. Received from GLA

14/05/2022 - 2 x tickets to FA Final. Approximate value £70.00 x 2. Received from The FA

29/5/2022 - 2 x Skybet Champion Playoff Final tickets. Approximate value £70.00 x 2. Received from FA

21/02/2023 - 2 x Final tickets for the Careabo Cup Final on 26 February 2023. Value £80 x 2. Received from The FA

23/04/2023 - 2 Semi Final tickets - Manchester United v Brighton HA. Value £80,00 x 2. Received from the FA

13/05/2023 - 2 tickets for Wembley Arena - KSI Match. Value £50.00 x 2. Received from Misfits Boxing

26.5.2023 - 2 x FA Cup final tickets for 3 June 2023. Value £100 x 2. From the FA

12.06.2023 - 3 x tickets to Harry Styles concert for 13 June 2023. Value 3 x £100. Received from Wembley Stadium

4.8.2023 - 3 x tickets for Sunday for the 6th August 2023 FA Community Shield. Value £30.00 x 3. From the FA

21.2.2024 - 4 tickets for Liverpool & Chelsea match on 25.2.2024. Approximate value £80.00 x 4. Received from the FA

26.3.2024. 4 tickets for England v Belgium game. Approximate value £80 x 4 = £320. Received from the FA

21.4.2024. 5 tickets for Coventry v Manchester United game. Approximate value 5 x £80 = £400. Received from the FA

If you are regularly receiving such expensive gifts do you have to declare them for tax purposes?

Anonymous said...

5 tickets for one event? That sounds like a request not a gift.

Anonymous said...

On Brent Council website it shows that Cllr Butt was also ‘gifted’ a lot of other expensive tickets prior to those listed above:

17-09-15 rugby world cup ticket to see Argentina v New Zealand on 20-09-15.

07-10-15 England v Estonia football tickets (x2) on 09-10-15. No face value but estimated at over £25 from Festival Republic Limited.

17-11-15 England v France tickets (x2) on 17-11-15. No face value. Gifted by Melvin Benn, Chairman, Wembley Stadium.

Tickets for Rihanna concert on 24-06-16 from Wembley Stadium. No face value.

Tickets to The Wembley Cup (charity event), Wembley Stadium, Fri 2 Sept 2016. No value specified. Gift received from Wembley Stadium.

08/03/17 - Signed NFL football. Estimated value £100. Received from Mark Lamping, Team President of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

26/3/17 - 1 X ticket for England v Lithuania. Received from the FA. No face value.

07/04/17 - Ticket for QPR v Brighton - promoting Brent Schools Partnership with QPR . Nil value, Received from Queen's Park Rangers Club.

22/04/17 - Arsenal v Manchester City ticket. Value unknown. Gift received from the Football Association.

22/04/17 - Chelsea v Tottenham ticket and hospitality. Value unknown. Gift receive from Tottenham Football Club.

15/11/17 - Four tickets for MTV European Music Awards. Value not known. Received from John Drury - VP & General Manager, the SSE Arena, Wembley.

31/01/2018 - Five tickets to Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester United. Gift from the Football Association. Value £0.

28/03/2018 - 2 tickets to England v Italy match at Wembley Stadium on 27/03/18 - received from Football Association.

How many other local councillors have benefitted from these lucrative ‘gifts’ for Stadium Events - surely any who have should be prevented from voting on the permission for more events??? And how are these freebies from a Brent Council ‘customer’ treated for tax?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Cllr Butt needs to concentrate on security issues in Wembley Stadium and the area around it rather than snapping up all these free tickets!!!

Once again last night at the Champions League Final the entrances to Wembley Stadium were shown to be vulnerable, heaven knows whether any of those trying to storm into the ground were carrying weapons. Thought the FA had paid for a new £5million ring of steel?

And the fans with valid tickets managed to get so many flares into the ground so searches before entry were once again not effective.

It’s pitiful how this is allowed to happen.

Anonymous said...

It's not only the traffic issues, bus diversions and drunken and noisy sport/concert fans that inconvenience and upset residents - what about the police helicopters???

Last Saturday we got home about 4pm and then had helicopters circling over our house for over four hours - on a nice summer evening we had to sit indoors with our windows closed to get away from the intolerable noise! How is this allowed to happen? What impact do Wembley Stadium, Brent Council and the police think this has on our mental health???

We've lived in Wembley since the 1960s and have always loved living near the stadium but it's now getting unbearable.

francis said...

I have been unable to access any of the documents on the planning portal for 2 weeks, I can see the comments but not any of the documents. I oppose the extra events on the grounds that the current number of events are poorly managed and it will get worse particularity for local residents.