Friday, 17 August 2018

Michaela seeks permission for a gigantic new school sign

The current school sign
The proposed new sign
A comparison of the two signs from Bridge Road

Michaela Free School in Wembley Park which already has a large school sign that hits you eye in the eye as you cross Bridge Road from Wembley Park station has applied to Brent Council to erect a new. much larger replacement sign on the same posts as the current sign.

As the architect's drawing shows the sign against the full height of the Michaela building it is not easy to gauge the impact of the change at human eye level so I have reproduced them  below for comparison. It is almost as if the application seeks to minimise the true scale.

Present sign
Proposed sign
As far as I can see the planning application does not give the dimensions of the present sign.  The replacement sign is 3.6 metres x 2 metres ( approx 12 ft by 6-1/2ft) - much larger than any school sign I know and in my view more suitable for a commercial premises.  

Readers can comment on the application18/2675 before August 21st. The application seeks permission until July 2032. 

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