Friday, 24 August 2018

Help restore colourful Wembley High Road mural

Local campaigner Paul Lorber is urging local residents and business to chip in towards the £150 cost of repairing a vandalised mural in Wembley High Road.
The mural in Wembley was commissioned by Wembley Futures to improve the appearance of the High Road. The work was carried by Alessandra Grasso, an artist in residence with Friends of a Barham Library.
Unfortunately one section of one of the 5 murals has been vandalised for the second time and needs to be repaired. It would seem that someone has taken a dislike to one of the national flag.
Paul Lorber, Wembley Futures and Friends of Barham Library are keen to repair the mural and have started the £150 needed to carry out the repair.
Anyone willing to donate can send a cheque payable to Friends of Barham Library and send it to Paul Lorber c/o 17 Stapenhill Road Wembley HA0 3JF. Anyone interested in contributing can email Paul on and he will send you a Gift Aid form and details of how to pay.
Paul said:
The Murals in Wembley High Road brightened up the local area and it would be good to get them back to their original perfect condition.


Anonymous said...

Which flag was it?

Unknown said...

Thank You for posting Martin. As of earlier to day we have had pledges for 90 pounds so more than half way towards the target.

Jaine Lunn said...

The moron defaced the Polish Flag twice.