Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Public Inquiry to be held after Harrow School appeal planning refusal for new sports building

Image from Harrow Hill Trust
The Planning Inspectorate today announced that following an appeal by Harrow School a three day Inquiry will be held into the school's plans for demolition of some existing buildings and the building of new sports and science buildings in the school grounds.

The plans were contested by the public and turned down by Sadiq Khan, the London Mayor using his powers under the Town and Country Planning Act to direct Harrow Council to refuse planning permission.

Mayor Khan said that the proposed footprint and location of the proposed sports building would result in unacceptable sprawl of inappropriate development on Metropolitan Open Land.

Those  contesting the appeal have until October 1st to make a submission to the Planning Inspectorate but are currently handicapped because Harrow School's grounds for appeal have not yet been published on the Harrow Council website.

Planning Inspectorate letter below. Click bottom right for full size version.

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Anonymous said...

This threat to Metropolitan Open Land just across the border in Harrow is important. If Harrow School's appeal succeeds, it could open the door for Brent Council to build on the Metropolitan Open Land at Northwick Park, if that is their (secret, so far) plan.