Saturday, 22 June 2019

Exposure to toxic air on the way to school


Jaine Lunn said...

One of Brent Councils Mission is to promote Clean Air and reduce Air Pollution perhaps we could ask these people to test Wembley High Road, on behalf of Park Lane Primary, St Josephs RC School, and also Wembley Hill Road for the effect this will have on the new Ark Academy to be built on York House Car Park?

Philip Grant said...

Good point, Jaine, about Brent Council's stated "Clean Air" mission.

It does make you wonder why Cllr. Abdi was removed from Planning Committee last year by Council Leader, Cllr. Mo Butt, after voting against building a school on the York House car park, as it went against the Council's policies on clean air and air pollution (and against a Network Housing development in Olympic Way that did not provide the amount of affordable housing required by Brent's planning policies).

Jaine Lunn said...
Reading this article Hanger Lane and North Circular Road are in top 10 of most polluted areas. Wembley Central is only quarter of a mile from NCR.