Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Caroline Lucas speaks out against President Trump

This is the full version of Caroline Lucas' speech. I recorded it from within the crowd so you can't see her but it is the words that are important.

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Trevor said...

I respect the right for Caroline Lucas to express her opinion on Donald Trump
but I don't agree with the means by which her message was delivered.
I noticed some placards in the video which had offensive words plastered across them.

Such things can and are intended to cause offense and I don't believe that is the best way to communicate.

If action is genuinely desired in reference to climate change, the public ought to first consider 'changing' their attitude towards Mr Trump.

I don't think he would even reconsider his views on climate change if people refuse to calm down and show some respect and humility.

The way he responded to the leader of the opposition last week is proof that those who shout loud don't always get heard.

The best way to reach the heart of a statesman is to be calm, show respect, be realistic and don't forget to be patient because progress will be slow because everyone must play their part in order to bring about the change we need.

It's all very well to shout and scream at Trump and accuse him of being unfair but how many of you are willing to do your bit to reduce climate change by taking less holidays abroad or walking or cycling to and from work?

When you bear that in mind,
you may then start to realize that the change you are calling for won't happen unless you are willing to change some of the things you take for granted.