Thursday 5 March 2020

Wembley Park Station has its own paddling pool - urgent action needed!

Wembley Park Station has long had a problem puddle outside its Bridge Road exit but with the recent heavy rain the puddle has become a pool.  This was the scene during this evening's rush hour as pedestrians on their way to the bus stops tried to negotiate water a couple of inches deep in places.

Things got much worse when the Jubilee line shut down at Neasden due to a points failure. Passengers poured out of the station to use the alternative bus routes and some walked on the road on their way to the bus stops, the other side of the railings, to avoid getting their feet soaked.  I saw one man with a baby in his arms and holding the hand of a toddler  balancing along the pavement on the road side of the railings who could easily have been clipped by buses pulling up to the bus stop.

When I tweeted about this to Brent Council and Transport for London (above) on February 13th Brent Customer Services replied the next day.
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will investigate the cause of the pooling of water in this location.
I don't know if an investigation has taken place but urgent action is required before there is an accident.


Pete Firmin said...

You would have thought with all the money spent on Wembley the developers could spare a few quid to sort this out

Anonymous said...

Their (Quintain's) punters don't use that route, they go down the steps.

Philip Grant said...

... then under the Bobby Moore Bridge, adorned with adverts for more Quintain "products", such as the Boxpark (joint venture), rather than enjoying all the tile murals that were put there by Brent Council in 1993, to celebrate the great sports and entertainment heritage of the real Wembley Park!