Monday 1 July 2024

Watch the videos to hear from some of the candidates for Brent East on a range of General Election topics

 There has been only one General Election Hustings in Brent East so far in the campaign. St Raphael's Voice invited all candidates to attend but Labour, Conservatives and Reform did not accept. Martin Francis substituted for Nida Al-Fulaij the Green Party candidate.

St Raphael's Voice recorded the event on video so that answers could be shared with the wider community.

 There are 9 videos in all on different topics.

Candidates/Participants in attendance:
James Mutimer - Workers Party GB 
Aadil Shaikh - Independent
Jonny Singh - Liberal Democrats 
Martin Francis - representing Nida Al Fulaj the  Green Party candidate
Candidates not in attendance but invited to attend:
Dawn Butler - Labour Party 
Jamila Robertson - Conservative 
Amin Moafi - Independent 
Zbigniew Kowalcyzk - Reform UK 
Jenner Folwell - Independent
Nida Al- Fulaij - Green Party 
You can see the full playlist by topic on the link below.


Anonymous said...

What do Jenner and Amin stand for? And why wasn’t Zbigniew Kowalcyzk there? Did he ‘go home’

Anonymous said...

Jenner stands on renter's rights... "The fixed, rigged rental system is impoverishing and depressing many millions of British people.

We need good, affordable homes for everyone, not assets for some.

Dawn Butler and UK Labour will win Brent East by 20,000 votes. If you are a renter in Brent, a message should be sent to the new Labour government. A vote for me in this general election will do this. 

I will urge politicians:

• to build 2 million homes in next ten years

• inntroduce rent controls, rent caps

• action on unsafe unhealthy homes, with refunds of rent for substandard lettings"

Anonymous said...

And where exactly will they build these 2 million homes???

And who's gonna pay for them?

Anonymous said...

Don’t mean to stick up for Dawn Butler, but James of the workers party doesn’t know what is within her remit or power

Martin Francis said...

One of James' more bizarre claims was that George Galloway had been in prison with Nelson Mandela.

Anonymous said...

Aadil Shaikh - Independent telling James Mutimer - Workers Party GB he was donating to business when James was in nappies was bizarre when they are clearly the same age.

Anonymous said...

Aadil asked James, "You've parachuted down from Leeds. Can you name a local school?"

James replied, "No, fair enough."

Anonymous said...

Getting Mutimer to name 5 schools in the constituency was quite skilful & interesting- if somewhat confrontational

Anonymous said...

I can't see evidence he was in prison with Mandela but no one doubts GG worked underground as an agent for the ANC

Anonymous said...

Brownfield sites.

The govt/public purses

Anonymous said...

Yes that was very good!

Anonymous said...

Believing George Galloway was in prison with Nelson Mandela is like saying Gandalf and Harry Potter shared a flat while they were training to be wizards.

Anonymous said...

What brownfield sites exactly???

Are you willing to pay more tax to fund the govt/public purse???

Anonymous said...

Lib Dem Jonny Singh sat on the fence and got found out - a criminal is a criminal - why was he trying to dilute it