Sunday 7 July 2024

Revised Brent Cabinet portfolios and maternity leave cover. Cllr Tatler takes on New Council Housing Programme

 Brent Council leader Muhammed Butt has published revised Brent Cabinet portfolios included maternity cover for Cllr Promise Knight. Cllr Butt takes on Housing Services, Corporate Landlord Performance, Homelessness and Rough-Sleeping, Private Rented Sector and Housing Associations. 

Cllr Shama Tatler adds the New Council Housing Programme and the Brent Council arms length housing organisations 14B and First Wave Housing to her Regeneration portfolio.

New Cabinet member Cllr Jake Rubin's role is more fully described and includes the Climate and Ecological Emergency Strategy.

Cabinet Portfolios


Councillor Muhammed Butt – Leader and Cabinet Member for Housing



* Communications

* Borough Plan 23-27

* Strategic change programme

* London Councils and partnerships

* Brent Black Community Action Plan


Housing Services (Maternity Cover from June 17th)*


* Corporate landlord performance

* Housing Services


Housing Needs and Support (Maternity Cover from June 17th)*


* Homelessness and Rough-Sleeping Strategy

* Private Rented Sector and Strategy

* Liaison with Housing Associations


Councillor Mili Patel - Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources


Finance & Resources


* Capital Investment

* Pensions

* Shared IT Service with London Boroughs


Organisational assurance and resilience


* Health and Safety

* Emergency Planning

* Counter-Fraud and Investigation


Governance and Legal Services


* Democratic Services

* Legal Services

* Complaints


Human Resources


* Workforce and Equalities

* Organisational Development

* Diversity Ambassador



* Property and assets Strategy

* Income generation

* Facilities Management


Councillor Fleur Donnelly-Jackson - Cabinet Member for Resident Support and Culture


Residents Services


* Customer accessibility

* Customer services

* Citizenship and Registration

* Welfare support

* Debt support

* Council Tax and Business Rates

* Brent Community Hubs

* Brent Libraries

* Heritage and Culture Services

* Mortuaries, Bereavement services and Cemeteries


Councillor Harbi Farah - Cabinet Member for Public Safety and Partnerships


Public Protection


* Community Safety and Anti-Social Behaviour

* Liaison with Metropolitan Police Service (MPS)

* Prevent

* Noise Nuisance

* Violence against Women and Girls


Communities and Partnerships


* Community Engagement

* Community Grants

* Voluntary sector

* Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (external)


Councillor Gwen Grahl - Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Schools Early Help & Social Care


* Early Years Learning

* Family Wellbeing Centres

* Children’s Safeguarding

* Children’s Social Care

* Looked after Children and Corporate Parenting


Education, Partnerships and Strategy


* Youth offending

* Brent Youth Strategy

* Brent Youth Parliament

* Pupil referral units

* SEND provision and Strategy

* Brent Family of Schools

* School Admissions and school place planning

* Schools Forum and schools’ improvement


Councillor Neil Nerva - Cabinet Member for Community Health and Wellbeing Adult Social Care


* Safeguarding

* Supported living

* Adaptation and support

* End of life care

* Carers support

* Dementia


Public Health


* Brent Health Matters

* Mental Health

* Substance Misuse

* Healthy Start

* Vaccination campaign

* Food justice

* Sport, physical activity and leisure facilities


Integrated Care Partnership


* Liaison with health partners

* Health and Wellbeing Board


Councillor Jake Rubin - Cabinet Member for Employment, Innovation and Climate Action


Insight, Innovation and Priorities


* Transformation, digital, IT, data, and innovation

* Corporate performance

* Climate and Ecological Emergency Strategy


Strategic Commissioning and Capacity Building


* Community Wealth Building and Inward Investment

* Procurement strategy

* Social value


Employment and Skills


* Brent Starts and Brent Works

* Economic Development

* Good work standard and London Living Wage

* Apprenticeships


Councillor Krupa Sheth - Cabinet Member for Environment and Enforcement

Public Realm


* Trees and Ecology

* Parks and green spaces

* Clean Air


Transport planning, strategy and operations


* Roads and pavements

* Waste and recycling

* Street cleaning

* Waste enforcement

* West London Waste Authority

* Parking, Street Lighting


Regulatory Enforcement


* Building Control

* Regulatory Services and Trading Standards

* Pest Control

* Planning Enforcement


Councillor Shama Tatler - Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Planning and Growth


Inclusive, Regeneration and Planning


* Estate Regeneration

* Planning

* Local Plan

* Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

* High streets and town centre improvement

* Strategic growth

* Affordable workplaces

* West London Economic Prosperity Board


Strategic Housing (Maternity cover from June 17th)


* New Council Housing Programme

* I4B/First Wave Housing

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