Tuesday 9 July 2024

Call for direct meetings between Wembley Stadium and affected residents over increased events rejected in favour of 'improved collaborative work'

 Cllr Anton Georgiou followed up his question to Cllr Shama Tatler (Regeneration and Planning)   LINK on public consultation about extra Wembley Stadium events at last night's Full Council Meeting.

He said he had asked four questions and the answer to all of them was effectively 'No'.

No to further consultation led by Brent Council.

No to a detailed impact assessment by the Council.

No to an assessment by planning officers of the social impact on the lives of local people of extra events.

No to any direct compensation or benefit to local people impacted by the increased number of event days.

The applicant (Wembley National Stadium Limited)  had said they met with both the leader and Chief Executive of the Council in relation to the application and that they were favourably received. 

Cllr Georgiou asked, 'Why can't the applicant meet with the people who are going to be directly impacted by ever increasing events at Wembley Stadium?'

Cllr Muhammed Butt, leader of Brent Council, replied in the absence of Cllr Tatler.

For the most part the events at the Stadium are a success, but it would be remiss of us not to recognise the disruption that Event Days can have on Brent residents.

It is imperative that any application from the Stadium, by means of mitigation, strikes a balance with the community. Let's not forget the disruption stretches wider than the Stadium itself. Chiltern Railways recently admitted they didn't have the staff or the capacity throughout the summer.

Brent Council will continue to work in partnership with everyone involved so I will be calling for improved collaborative with residents and stakeholders alike as we negotiate any future terms with the Stadium going forward.


Anonymous said...

Is this at the same time as he accepts yet more free tickets for stadium events from the applicant?????????????

Anonymous said...

To confirm I mean the free tickets that Cllr Butt gets not Cllr Geirgiou 😀

Anonymous said...

Yes this is the same Cllr Mo Butt who regularly accepts free tickets for Wembley Stadium events, so 'gifts' from the planning applicant - see here (you'll need to scroll down): https://democracy.brent.gov.uk/mgDeclarationSubmission.aspx?UID=128&HID=3717&FID=0&HPID=0

Cllr Mo Butt has received thousands of pounds worth of free tickets so far - clearly this is a conflict of interests considering these gifts are from the planning applicant and this needs thorough investigation??? And surely Cllr Mo Butt needs to declare these 'gifts for tax purposes as they are effectively unearned income???

Anonymous said...

I notice a great deal of complaints have come from the Wembley Park area from people living in Quintain apartments. I note their advertising boasts of living next to the National Stadium, Boxpark, LDO etc., what they neglect to mention is on Event Days, you can't get deliveries from the Supermarket/Amazon etc, your friends if wishing to visit by car will have to pay extortion rates to park, if you want a Uber to pick you up you'll need to walk a good distance to pick one up. Contend with the fans clogging up your entrances, singing and shouting very loudly outside your apartment, and enjoy crowded public transport on your way home from work, oh and pay very high rents for the priviledge.

Anton Georgiou said...

I have never been offered or accepted any free tickets from Wembley Stadium or anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Why are Wembley Stadium themselves not holding open meetings with us actual residents to discuss face to face the issues that affect us most??? Or do they just not care as long as they make their money???

Anonymous said...

It is Labour run Brent Council who gave Quintain (& laterly other developers) permission to build all these thousands of new properties right next to Wembley Stadium despite public meetings where existing residents raised concerns about the impact major stadium events would have on all these new residents so close to the stadium & how you would end up channelling huge crowds through a very narrow area, as Olympic Way has now become . Local people, the Football Association & Wembley Stadium all objected to the planning applications.

It is Labour run Brent Council who did not consider the noise impact these major events would have on residents living in all these new properties there.

It is Labour run Brent Council who have allowed Transport For London (TFL) to divert buses on event days inconveniencing thousands of local people particularly the elderly, disabled and commuters trying to get home from work.

It is Labour run Brent Council who have allowed TFL to stop running the 206 bus on event days impacting on residents further afield including hundreds of school children trying to get to and from their schools.

It is Labour run Brent Council who have imposed ridiculous parking restrictions starting at 8.00am until past midnight on event days.

It is Labour run Brent Council who have heralded a new major GP surgery opening right next to the stadium (with the closure of the one in Wembley Park Drive) - how are you & the staff supposed to get there on event days, particularly elderly and disabled people?

It is Labour run Brent Council who gave multi-billion pound developer Quintain £17.8million of our CIL money, received from developers to improve our local services & infrastructure, for their 'vanity project' completely unnecessary steps outside Wembley Stadium.

And it is Labour run Brent Council who will no doubt now give permission for these extra major events despite hundreds of concerns now raised again by local people and transport companies.

And it is the leader of Labour run Brent Council Cllr Mo Butt who’s had pre planning meetings with the planning applicant - this is after he’s personally received thousands of pounds worth of free tickets for stadium events from the planning applicant!!!

Anonymous said...

Suggest our elected local councillors in the Wembley area (Wembley Park, Wembley Central, Wembley Hill and Alperton wards for sure) and our 2 Brent MPs ask Wembley Stadium for a public meeting to discuss residents very serious concerns - these people are elected to help with our concerns and their salaries are paid for by our hard earned council tax and income tax. We need deeds and words please - not complete silence!

Anonymous said...

We need answers as to the upping of event days. The noise control of the concerts after 10pm on a Sunday.

Anton Georgiou said...

Your Liberal Democrat Councillors for Alperton and Sudbury are not being silent.

Mr Fitzroy Taylor said...

How the hell can they apply for more dates without consultation with the local residents. We live in Brent and paying way over the top for it. Do we count for nothing? Myself and my family have lived in Brent the last 60 plus years and sorry to say that if it was not for elderly parents we would have left long ago. Come on you councilors that begged for our votes, put in place the the things you promised. Disillusioned is quickly becoming the norm in this borough.

Anonymous said...

What have you actually achieved though.

Anonymous said...

Lib Dems have worked with hard to help residents and they've worked with integrity - the Labour Councillors are only interested in themselves and they NEVER respond to residents.

Anonymous said...

Its time for Wembley Stadium to reach out to us residents and hold face to face public meetings to understand our concerns.

Anton Georgiou said...

Dear Anonymous (18:04) firstly, why not put your name to your comment? What’s to hide? I’m happy to meet with you and discuss achievements in my time at Councillor since 2020 and also what the Liberal Democrat group have done since 2022, despite there only being three of us. Thanks.