Saturday, 6 June 2009


The Government Office for London has refused to 'call in' the plans for the Wembley ARK Academy. 'Call in' happens if the Secretary of State considers the application raises issues of more than local importance and therefore requires her intervention.

In a letter to Brent Council, Andrew Melville, Director of Housing and Planning for the Government Office for London states that having considered issues felt to be relevant to the proposal and issues raised by Brent Council and other representations, 'it has been concluded that the Secretary of State's intervention would not be justified' and that the application should be decided by the London Borough of Brent.

The decision follows that of the London Mayor to refer the decision back to Brent. There are still other avenues open to campaigners who remain convinced that Wembley Park playing fields are the wrong place for a school as well as those of us like the Brent Green Party who in addition oppose academies in principle as a form of privatisation and a loss of local participation in our children's education. Brent Green Party want to see a locally democratically accountable community secondary school in South Brent where the need is highest and where it will provide a valuable community resource.

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