Monday, 1 June 2009


Shahrar Ali, Brent Green Party spokesperson for Environment and Planning has called attention to a mountain of rubbish deposited behind pubs, shops and restaurants on Neasden Shopping Precinct which provides an ideal habitat for rats. He said, "Whilst out campaigning in Neasden this Sunday, the Green Party came across the most appalling mountain of waste. Refuse bags, ma tresses and whole beds were literally piled up above head height against a wall in the alley behind Neasden shopping parade. There was a clear whiff of rotting matter and it simply looked like this mountain had been piling up for weeks."

Shahrar continued, "We have reported this discovery and sent photographs to both Brent's streetcare division and environmental health department for immediate action. It is dispiriting to find that whilst the local shopping parade has seen a revival, with new grocers, a post office and revamped library centre, such neglect is apparent just round the corner."

Shahrar said, "We have spoken to traders who have acknowledged the dumping stretches back for weeks. Brent Green Party will be monitoring the situation and looking at how the Council's collection policy may be contributing to the problem. However, the police may also need to be on the alert if environmental crimes are being committed."

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