Monday, 8 June 2009


The Green Party came a good 4th in the Euro election in Brent out-polling UKIP and with four times the vote of the BNP.

The big surprise in the election was the large vote achieved by Jan Jananayagam (Independent) who campaigned on a human rights platform and is UK spokesperson for 'Tamils Against Genocide'. She had an energetic young team who were very active in the borough.

Public anger over expenses was clearly apparent from the comments on some of the ballot forms which accused all politicans of being crooks and a number of ballot forms that said NO to all candidates or stated 'None of the above'.

The Greens ran an effective campaign and the strength in some localities suggests that with hard work we could achieve our first Green councillors in the local election next year.

Provisional results, taken down by hand at the count are:

Labour 15,583
Conservative 11,940
Lib Dem 11,370
Greens 5,007
Jan Jananayagam (Tamil Supporting Independent) 4,867
UKIP 3,240
Christian Alliance 1,974
BNP 1,250
Rejected votes 621
Turnout: 32.1%

Conservative 20,793
Labour 12,135
Jan Jananayagam 6,856
Lib Dem 6,054
UKIP 5,837
Green 4,181
BNP 1,835
Christian Alliance 1,558
Rejected votes 516
Turnout: 38.49%

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