Friday, 11 June 2010

EDL Oppose Peaceful Dialogue

The English Defence League are apparently considering coming to Wembley to demonstrate against a conference aimed at building understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims.

The conference due to be held at the Wembley Arena on June 26th, is the Al-Khair Peace Convention 2010  and  its aims are set out on their website:

"Peace, internal and external be it on an 'individual' or at a 'worldwide collective' level is a must for effective human progress and realistic global unity.

For people of all beliefs, this conference will be a learning opportunity to realize, reflect on and correct their misunderstanding (if any) about Islam in the light of talks by authoritative and renowned international speakers.

Conference Focus
* To create a better awareness and understanding of Islam and its message of peace for the entire humanity, in an objective way.
* To remove misconceptions, false fear and hate of Islam and Muslims globally.
* To realize that Islam is a just, righteous and peaceful way of life, with due care for human rights and moral values."

The fact that the EDL wants to protest at an attempt at dialogue speaks for itself. How to combat the EDL's unwelcome presence in Wembley will be discussed over the next few days by Brent and Harrow Unite Against Fascism and other organisations.  I will post updates here as soon as I have them.

The organisers of the Convention have said that they will go ahead and that they are confident of their security arrangements. 

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Ben Rickman said...

The speaker Dr Zakir Naik has received much criticism, see He has at least 20 fatwas out against him for not correctly teaching Islam.