Sunday 5 June 2011

Drastic Cuts In Mental Health Day Opportunities

The Council's proposals HERE for the future of Day Provision Opportunities for those with  Mental Health problems have been published. They envisage an eventual cut of  from the 2010-11 budget of £1,660,000 to £236,000 in 2012-13 with £480,000 cut this financial year.  The proposals involve the closure of Kingsbury Manor Day Centre and the administrative unit at Design Works. Kingsbury Resource Centre would continue at a reduced level of 4 sessions per week for up to 10 service uses. Four community development workers would be employed to run these sessions and help access community services for other users. The Report to the Executive states:
Users and carers had objected to the proposals during the consultation.

Service user concerns were wide ranging. For example, they:
• Do not want to lose the day centres as meeting places, where they have friends
• Do not want to lose the relationship they have with their key workers
• Feel vulnerable in the community.
• Are worried they will be isolated at home 
Carers concerns focused on the following areas:
• That changes are driven by the need to save money rather than improvements to the service
• The capacity of two workers, as per proposal, to meet needs of service users
• That many service users will need support to manage their direct payments
• The need for a percentage of service users to have a base to go to as they are too vulnerable to access resources in the wider community
• The need for a culturally sensitive service
Further objections were:
• The choice and community activities are not suitable for all
• Service users are vulnerable in the community
• They may become isolated
• There will be less respite for carers if activities are community based
• Personalised services will be more expensive and or unavailable
• The support mechanisms to prevent relapse will be reduced.
The Executive will vote on the proposal at their meeting on Monday June 13th

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