Thursday 23 June 2011

Dumping spoils Brent heritage site

Dumping next to the footpath
I bumped into Cllr Ann John, leader of Brent Council and Muhammed Butt, deputy leader and a host of Labour supporters  doing a walk-about meeting residents in Welsh Harp ward last Sunday.

I hope some of the residents raised the issue of fly-tipping on the footpath leading from St Andrew's Road through to old St Andrew's churchyard and Old Church Lane. Old St Andrew's church is the only Grade 1 listed building in Brent and the ancient churchyard has been cleaned up by Community Payback LINK

As I've mentioned before as budget cuts bite  there is reluctance to take responsibility for areas which do not clearly come under council department remits and this seems to be one of them. The footpath is a public right of way but is not actually on a street.  Some of the dumping seems to be the result of open air drinking in the old churchyard, evidenced by orange Sainsbury's carrier bags and discarded beer cans and spirit bottles. As always, once a dump remains uncleared more rubbish accumulates.

Other items seem to be redundant toys that appear to have been dumped over the fence of the privately run St Andrew's Nursery which is situated between the new St Andrew's church and the footpath:

Toys apparently dumped over the nursery fence

 It would be good news if the church, nursery and council got together and cleaned up the area.

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