Saturday 25 June 2011

Glossy new buildings in Brent and Brussels

The new Europa building in Brussels (£215m approx)
Brent's new Civic Centre (£100m plus)
Many thanks to JC for pointing out the irony of David Cameron's criticism of proposals for the Europa building in Brussels (top above) in the context of Brent's new Civic Centre. UK taxpayers will contribute about £25m to the Europa building, one quarter of the cost of Brent's Civic Centre.

Cameron's comments may ring a bell:

I am less enthusiastic about the presentation we were given on the new building for the European Council. When you see a document being circulated with a great glossy brochure about some great new building for the European Council to sit in, it is immensely frustrating.

You do wonder if these institutions actually get what every country and what every member of the public is having to go through, as we cut budgets and try and make our finances add up.

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