Friday 24 June 2011

Seven Harrow schools opt for academy status

In a move that will raise fears of similar action in Brent,  seven secondary schools in neighbouring Harrow have decided to become academies from August 1st 2011.

The schools are Bentley Wood, Canons High, Harrow High, Hatch End, Nower Hill, Park High and Rooks Heath College. Whitmore High is the only non-faith community high school left as a result og the opt-out.

The academy conversion follow a consultation process which saw the local authority plead for the retention of the local authority family of schools and students from Nower Hill walking out in a protest against lack of consultation.

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Anonymous said...

Your blog misses the point, this is not new the last government had this in place the only change is schools need not have to take into town hall approval. For months the Town Hall highly paid chief executive (£146K) and here team together with Labour councillors and teachers union have been putting pressure and scare parents ,governors, headteachers and teachers. But once the elephant was out of the box on mass parents and teachers voted in favour of taking control of schools. What was the elephant in the room, the poor delivery of support from Town Hall. The is for every pound that the government gave per child highly paid town hall buracates took 40pence and so by the time teachers salaries were paid some how the department kept on going in black. In ten years the cut town hall admin took from the education budget increased by 700% and a town hall education support staff increase by 300%. The buracey was taking up the money which was for our children's and frontline staff and now parents and teaching staff have voted to get back control of there schools.
With the 4 primary's also taking up Free School status, the 5 remaining schools I supect will see the success and follow next year.The question for Labour control Harrow is why do they still hanging on to a failed education department at the town hall