Saturday 20 December 2014

A chance for rank and file Brent Labour Party members to make a stand on cuts

Rank and file Labour Party members in Brent will have a chance to challenge the cuts being imposed by their Cabinet and Councillor colleagues at an 'All Member' Forum meeting on January 10th.

The call to members includes the information that the proposed cuts package exceeds the required amount by £6m which presumably gives some limited room for manoeuvre and minor concessions. Among the cuts under consideration are the ending of the Youth Service, closure of the Welsh Harp Environmental Education Centre and closure of 10 out of 17 Children's Centres, cutting back on many of the Council's green initiatives and the redundancy of 40% of central employees.

I hope that Labour Party members who have not bought into the austerity agenda and dented shield argument will mount a challenge.

The meeting will run from 9.45am to 1pm at Neasden Methodist Church.

The email  from Rob Grover, Secretary of Brent Local Campaign Forum, tells members that the proposals include some 'really controversial ideas':
Detailed proposals to make £54million worth of savings over the next two years were unveiled by Brent Council on December 5. 

The draft list contains options that total £60million through a combination of efficiency savings, new opportunities to create income and service changes.

Massive cuts in central government funding to local authorities have left Brent Council with the huge task of finding nearly £54million worth of savings by 2017. These savings are in addition to the £89million already delivered since 2010.

More details, and a link to the full report, can be found on the Brent web site at:
Lead Members will be attending the meeting on the 10th to answer questions on the possible cuts and to hear the views of members. 
The proposals include some really controversial ideas.  Please study them in advance of the meeting.

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Anonymous said...

"dented shield" is the worst PR speak ever. Whoever coined it should be first for cutting.