Tuesday 16 December 2014

UPDATE: The Lodge, Roe Green Park, to be converted into a cafe

The Lodge on December 20th

Brent Council has granted planning permission for the conversion of The Lodge, on Kingsbory Road, fronting Roe Green Park, to be converted into a cafe.  It would include at outside seating area and toilets that would be accessible to park users as well as customers. This would operate on the same basis as the facility in Roundwood Park.

The cafe seatingwould be in an extension that will be built to blend in with the existing building.

The current state of the building (above) xhows what a challenge refurbishment present. 

Full planning details can be found HERE and the historical background to the The Lodge, which served Kingsbury Manor, can be found HERE


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, Martin. It will be good to see this building repaired and back into use, after being empty and allowed to become semi-derelict for so long.

It does raise the question, however, of why a family sized home (which at the time of the 1901 census, soon after it was built, housed the gardener for "The Cottage", now known as Kingsbury Manor, his wife and five children) owned by the London Borough of Brent, was not being used to help meet local housing needs for so many years.


Anonymous said...

Can see a banner advertising for Nursery. Will there be a Nursery on site as well?

Martin Francis said...

I think it is advertising a nursery at another building inside the park which is close to the site of the old swimming pool. That building also has a banner on it.

Anonymous said...

This seems like yet another thing that has fizzled-out - it's been a stagnant construction site for months now. I saw that the local councillors were boasting about but have gone all quiet about exactly what the plan is improve the Kingsbury area.

Debbie Nyman said...

It's now February 2022 and this historical Lodge looks like a bombsite. There are numerous planning breaches and the lease conditions have been suspect from the start. It's gone to appeal under ref. Appp/T5150/C/21/3278720. If folk feel strongly about the slow destruction of this building write to The Planning Inspectorate and send to: Teame3@planninginspectorate.gov.uk