Monday 15 December 2014

'Mr Butt, you have our number' Stonebridge Adventure Playground tells Council leader

In his budget speech at Brent Council last week Muhammed Butt said:

I respect those for whom the (Stonebridge) adventure playground remains a key part of their community. I admire how people have stepped forward to say ‘this matters to me, this matters to my family.’ The reality is that we cannot continue to fund projects like this in the way we once did.
Over the last few months, we have asked those who run the adventure playground to work with us to see whether supervised play can continue on that site or be relocated. And so, we hope the adventure playground will respond to our call, to work with us for the good of the people of Stonebridge and Brent.
Doug Lee of Brent Play Association, responded on the Stonebridge Adventure Playground Facebook page:
We have always not just worked with Brent Council but also supported and worked with many other voluntary groups and charities in Brent. This is because we are part of that family. This is because we love and respect our brothers and sisters. We always strive and battle for justice whatever the odds and expect Cllr. Muhammed Butt and his administration to do the same thing AND FIND a way to keep the playground OPEN and Funded by using all their powers and their relationships with all the other organisations involved in the school expansion and new housing project.
It is not their job to roll over and give in. It is their job to find a solution and if they need our help TALK to us INVOLVE us instead of rhetoric. Our community has the strength and wisdom to help you find the outcome to keep this provision for many generations to come .Together we CAN and will SUCCEED. Mr Butt you have our phone numbers.


Toby Chambers said...

Well done Doug.

I have posted before I fully support Stonebridge Adventure Playground as our son has had the benefit of attending. Future generations should be given such opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Where does Butt wish to relocate the playground? a Library?