Friday 19 April 2019

Network Homes tenants in Northwick Park face uncertain future

The Phase 1 site between the park footpath and the road
Network Homes have told their assured shorthold tenancy(AST)  tenants in Northwick Park, part of the proposed One Public estate regeneration between themselves, Brent Council, North West London University Healthcare NHS Trust and the University of Westminster; that their tenancies could be ended with two months notice after a fixed period.

Network Homes say that they do not intend to do this until they have to remove the present housing as part of the redevelopment and that this will not happen until at least 2021.

They recognise this announcement could cause concern but promise they will work with residents over the next few years to listen to concerns and keep them informed about the development.

Network stop short of any firm promises about the future stating that tenants will want to know if they will be offered a home in the new development and how their rents will be affected.  At present a substantial numbers of the homes are allocated to NHS staff and Network have stated that they intend to prioritise NHS staff wherever possible.   They go on to say until designs are finalised and planning permission granted they are unable to provide exact details of homes that will be available.

Network Homes have purchased the land to the north of 'Northwick Park Village' from the NHS Trust and plan to build new homes as Phase 1 of the regeneration. I understand that this is the land between the incinerator and the social club, including the car parks, and 1,300 new homes are planned. They will be a mix of what Network call 'genuinely affordable' and homes for private rent and private sale. Early artist impressions of the redevelopment showed high-rise homes on  this stretch of land.

Outline proposals will include rebuilding the existing homes on Northwick Park Village but 'this is some years away' as part of Phase 2 and won't start until the new homes have been built as part of Phase 1.

As with other developments much will rest on the 'viability assessment' in terms of the balance of affordable homes versus private rent  and private sale that will give a 'sufficient' financial return to the developer. This is what will impact on the rehousing propspects of existing tenants.

Network Homes promise to consult with local residents in advance of submitting a planning application.

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Philip Grant said...

The Nightingale Avenue homes at Northwick Park Village appear to have been built around the 1980's, to provide decent low-rise affordable accommodation for staff at this major District Hospital.

It is madness to propose demolishing these homes, and disrupting the lives of the families who live in them. It will be bad enough for them (and for the peace of patients in the hospital wards close by) when the Phase 1 construction work is carried out.

Why would any sane person, or organisation, want to destroy these homes, and displace NHS staff who currently have a short walk to work, and are "on hand" when any major emergency needs them? The answer appears to be: PROFIT (as well as the misguided application of a government policy which seeks to make more use of publicly owned land to help deal with the need for new homes).

If the plans for Phase 2 go ahead, many of those who currently live and work at Northwick Park are likely to be priced out. How will that help to recruit and retain the dedicated staff that our main local hospital needs?

This is meant to be a One PUBLIC Estate project. Those behind it, including Brent Council and the Healthcare Trust, should think again!